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Thread: Protect your portfolio

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    Aug 2001
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    Protect your portfolio

    One mistake I've made over the years, with a few exceptions, was to NOT keep a copy of a completed project. I've been in this profession 19 years; I've done alot.

    Recently I was asked to provide work samples to a prospective employer. (Fair enough - I've asked the same of people I've interviewed).

    I realized I had to do 2 things:

    1) Rely on the internet, where possible, to download and either burn to CD or bind on pretty paper. Since we will be reviewing the work samples over lunch, I've spent the weekend re-creating documents I can find on line from client web sites.

    NOTE: I was disgusted with one past employer: Documents that Prudence and I created had been re-badged under the credit of CURRENT staff. How unethical is that?

    2) Purchasing hard copy as a public open record.


    Always Always Always keep a copy of your work!

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    And do your Save As work regularly. Don't wait until that Friday at 2 pm when you find out that your password no longer works.

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    And, being somewhat paranoid in this economic and political climate, I regularly backup EVERYTHING, including Outlook email, calendar, tasks, and journal, as well as every memo, document, plan, drawing, etc. You never know...

    I can't think of too many things worse than walking into your office and finding a pink slip and a few empty boxes, and no more access to your computer...
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    Quote Originally posted by Chet View post
    Always Always Always keep a copy of your work!
    Yes. I am a PITA when it comes to most things that I create because I generally only give them in PDF formats so they can't be easily edited by others after having someone poach something of mine. I keep copies of all work that I do and I've already got my quick exit plan worked out. Everything digital is burned to disc, paper copies of everything else have been made and exported, all my contacts saved, and I've tried to be be as nice and helpful to all the various consulting firms so I remain in their good graces.
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