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Thread: GIS classes and certification

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    Jul 2008
    Chi burbs, Illinois

    GIS classes and certification

    Does anyone have any ideas for where to go for additional GIS classes or certification? Or even any good books to pick up on the topic? I took a course in it about a year ago and haven't really used it since. I would like to start getting well versed in it because a prospective position would have me using it quite a bit.

    Any suggestions welcome!

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    May 2005
    New Town
    I'm gearing up to take some more GIS instruction, too.

    I will probably be taking it at the local community college which here has a very good program (ie. talented instructors). They also offer a Certificate and Associate's Degree in "Geographic Information Technology" which covers GIS, CAD, GPS and other spatial imagery technologies. I'm not interested in the degrees, just some more experience, but that they have all of that tells me it is a fairly well developed area.

    You can also take online courses through ESRI which, I am told, are very good. They are pricey, though.

    If my work was paying and our budget wasn't so strapped, I would go for the ESRI courses. As it is, I will go for the community college course cause they are practically free and I can do it in the evenings.
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    I am taking classes this fall in a new GIS program through UMBC Universities at Shady Grove - in Maryland near Washington D.C. I had also looked into the GIS programs at Penn State online & University of MD College Park. More basic GIS training is typically offered through the county government so that would be another place you could look.

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    Jul 2007
    Northern Illinois
    Northern Illinois University in Dekalb has a GIS Certificate program and offers some of the courses online and some at the Naperville Satellite campus.

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