Sent on behalf of one of my colleagues in Landscape Architecture:

Water Trails Planning Reserach Associate I: Term, 12 Months+/-, Full
Time, Appointment Ending 06-30-2010.
This position will assist with the planning, research, and writing of
the State Water Trails Plan and the Water Trails Development Manual
for Iowa . Responsibilities will include planning and conducting
focus groups & large group public meetings, conducting surveys,
conducting statewide ArcGIS analysis and modeling, researching
precedents, and coordinating and communicating with city, county,
state agency staff, water trail advocates and residents.
Required qualifications: Bachelor's Degree in Landscape Architecture
or Planning or related field with a strong emphasis in regional scale
design or planning. Academic or professional experience working with
the public, particularly with group meetings; and strong writing skills.
Preferred qualifications: Experience with recreation planning;
writing technical reports; Internet-based survey construction,
administration, and analysis; knowledge of water trails (including
first-hand experience); understanding of stream fluvial processes and
work with statewide datasets and regional scale ArcGIS analysis.
Salary: Minimum $28,468; commensurate with qualifications.

Position announcement closes September 5th; proposed start date is
September 15, 2008.
See ISU Employment Website for more
information: ; Mimi Wagner, Associate
Professor of Landscape Architecture: mimiw (AT) iastate (DOT) edu

Mimi Wagner, Associate Professor
Department of Landscape Architecture
Iowa State University
576 Design
Ames IA 50011
(515)294-8954 phone

Gary Taylor, J.D., AICP
Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist
Department of Community & Regional Planning
Iowa State University
286 College of Design
Ames, IA 50011
Ph: 515.294.2973
Fax: 515.294.5156