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Thread: Start date postponed, is this typical?

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    Start date postponed, is this typical?

    I was recently offered a position as an Assistant Planner for the third largest city in the state. I accepted the position over 3 weeks ago, and subsequently gave notice to my current employer (an internship). This position is also requiring a move.

    Per my interview and the official offer letter I received, I was planning for a start date of Sept. 2nd. I talked to HR two weeks ago to give them the heads up for getting my paperwork in order. Last Thursday I called because I had a couple general questions in preparation for starting on the 2nd, and was informed that they had decided to delay my start date by ONE MONTH.

    A couple of things make this seem very troubling to me: 1. I called THEM, when were they planning on telling me that my start date was delayed? 2. They knew that I was making preparations to leave my current internship in time for the Sept. 2nd start date, and also that I would be moving for this position. Now I am faced with having no income for a month while all of my bills go late. I keep getting the run around every time I call, questioning whether they are going to honor their official offer letter or stick to the one month delay, and as of today (a week from when I am supposed to start), I can't get anyone in HR or the Planning Dept. to call me back.

    I am seriously starting to panic. Is this treatment to be expected in a slow and indecisive bureaucracy? Can anyone offer me any suggestions as to what I should do?


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    This is very troubling, especially since you are moving for the job, its awfully unprofessional and reflects poorly on your future employer. If I were you, I would keep my options open until you actually start. See if your internship will extend your time and do not move until they give you a firm date. I would tell them this too(if you can ever speak to them in person). If they could do this, couldn't they delay the start again or rescind the offer entirely. You may not be getting calls back because they are trying to figure out things on the fly or something happened, either a personnel issue, budget or political issue can be suspected for the delay. Definitely keep applying, looking and interviewing until they stop the games.

    Not typical, at all!
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    I had something similar to this about 4 years ago. Keep looking. If you can't get your old internship back, file for unemployment (you have a written letter of offer as proof) and keep on looking for a full-time job elsewhere.


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    Yup the magic 8 ball says you could be seriously out of luck I think with the current economy this will be happening more and more. One of the depts in my fair city just had a position cut after they made a job offer to someone...laid off before you even start.

    Give the actual department you applied to a call and talk with them and by all means keep looking for a job in case this one is indeed belly up.

    Best of luck
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