I am Korean. I graduated with a landscape architecture master. I have worked in landscape architecture design company for 5years.
In fact, during working time, I was tired of the designing, and I started to want to study more practical and theoritical thinngs in bigger scale and have intersts in urban plannig, especially international issue. Now, I'm thinking about applying to masters of urban planning in the U.S.
I said my plan to my boss, and he said "In Korea, the prospect of the urban planning is not good, and it doesn't meet your past experiences. it can be the waste of time. If you are intersted in theoritical issue, why don't you just study LA more?"

In fact, in Korea, lanscape architecture market is saturated already.
In the U.S. or in the world(?) what is the prospect of urban plnning field?
If one studies the international development, which company does one work in?
Is there anyone who studies urban plannig and LA?
Which study area can meet to both urban planning and LA?

I would appreciate any suggstions you may have.