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Thread: My trip to LA

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    Apr 2007

    My trip to LA

    I came back from LA.Here is my thoughts on my trip to LA..LA is vey sprawling city and if you like city life you will like LA.The homes are small bungalow homes than Toronto where the homes are bigger.The apartments in LA seem to be smaller about 5 stories than 20 stories or more in Toronto.

    Some one was saying it is do to zoning laws that want 5 stories apartments and mall bungalow homes do to earthquakes !! I don't think this true because Edmonton and Winnipeg are like this in Canada.

    And LA has lots of small plazas and store-fronts.The store-fronts in alot of areas are one story not like Toronto where the store-fronts are 2 or 5 stories and people live above the store-fronts.

    The streets are on a grid system and walkable but car centric too.LA gives me the feel it is not a old city but not a new city.Toronto gives me the feel it is old or very new and no in-between.Toronto is walkable in the old section but not in the new sections after WW2.In LA it is walkable but car centric too.

    I don't know why LA is not like Toronto or why Toronto is not like LA.I was talking to guy in LA saying LA is a streetcar suburb like Miami.I don't know what he means by this unless he means the idea of living in a house and taking transit to work and living 5KM or 10KM from where you work or more!!

    The idea of living away from where you work.Could it also be the time LA was built? LA like Miami built for the coming of cars?

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    Mar 2004
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    Feb 2007
    No pictures?!

    Damn i'm disapointed

    Sounds interestign though.

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