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Thread: Developing and delivering a college course?

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    Developing and delivering a college course?

    About 2 years ago, I started developing a curriculum for a graduate-level course that I was proposing at a university as an adjunct. While I did get good feedback and interest, it has never gone beyond that.

    I would still like to deliver this course after all of my hard work and research. Any suggestions on where to deliver such a course over the Internet? I realize that if my local college isn't going to do something with it, maybe there is another outlet out there.

    Also, anyone have experience with Planetizen's courses?
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    I'm answering this from Australia so I don't really know the US context; but our professional Institute (the Planning Institute of Australia) offers a range of continuing professional development courses. Maybe your course, depending on what the content is, could be offered in a similar way.

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