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Thread: What a way to wake up.

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    Jul 2002

    What a way to wake up.

    My 19 yo son woke me up a 1 this morning and said "Look outside." The house across the street, 2 door down was on fire - REALLY burning - flames going 30' into the air. The 2 people in the house and their dog got out ok. It appears that the most severe damage was to a wood frame addition in the rear of the house. The main house is brick so it appears to have lesser damage - probably a lot of smoke damage, though. (It's the same design as my house only turned sideways.) The addition contained the kitchen and a game room. Some of the vinyl siding on the neighbor's house (empty) was melted and their garage was severely damaged. (Another reason to hate vinyl siding. That stuff really burns and gives off nasty fumes.) What a way to wake up. My son called 911, but we don't know if he was the first. I've seen a couple of fires in the neighborhood, but this was the worst.

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    May 2002
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    Wow. That's horrible and impressive. I've woke up after some thunderstorms and found a tree limb blocking my back door and covering my deck, but that's about it.
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    Jan 2008
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    Vinal is a good fuel and so is the wood it typically covers. I used to be a vol. fireman and mobile homes were the worst. They can really go up in a hurry. I've seen aluminum siding running like water. Thats why I REALLY like masonary construction. You may loose the roof and contents, but not much worry about the neighbors (or neighborhood) going up. In Hungary, and perhaps other parts of Europe, even the interior walls are brick with plaster over them. That really makes a fire resistant structure plus great sound proofing. Adda tile roof and you really have a resistant roof.

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