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Thread: Mad Men

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    Dec 2006

    Mad Men

    I am very intrigued by this show. It has already been on for a year and won a couple of golden globes. I just started watching it this July with the start of Season 2. Everything is visually appealing, and the mannerisms seem shocking (I am too young to tell if they are accurate or exaggerated). The storyline is very jagged with plenty of cliffhangers. Body language can make English seem like a foreign tongue. I rarely get attached to any new tv series, but now look forward to Sunday nights

    What are your thoughts on the show?

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    May 2007
    Athens, Georgia

    Where The Truth Lies ...

    What a great tag lineÖ Iím completely with you. Am watching the show on DVD as they come out (so no spoilers please!) and am completely into the Eames-esque set design, the dead-on period costumes, electric typewriters carefully covered and uncovered by the secretarial pool. Not to mention the writing: relevant insight into the promotion of a consumerist culture and characters who vodka mixed with milk. I just wish they didnít look so cool when they smoke Ė which is actually, pretty much the entire show.

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    May 2005
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    We've been watching them on DVD, too and are currently caught up (except for the current season). For the first few episodes, I was a little lukewarm on it. I found some of the period stuff a little over the top (the incessant smoking seemed a little forced and there is a scene in, I think, the first episode where a girl has a dry cleaning bag over her face and the mother simply scolds her for messing up her cleanly pressed clothes. Really?).

    But after the third or forth episode, the show really hit its stride. The characters became much more interesting/developed and we start to learn about people I thought were going to serve a more supporting role. Full of surprises!

    Now, we're hooked! (on the show, not smoking). I really do think it is excellent writing and I do love the mood they set with the design of sets. Eames-esque is a perfect description. I find that it has a sort of comic-book element to it, as well, in the way some things (like the smoking) are so exaggerated. Once I "got it," I think its great and very well produced/acted. I've totally got a crush on the Rachel Menken character, too

    Who IS Don Draper, anyway?
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