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Thread: Article: homes built atop WW II bombing range

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    Article: homes built atop WW II bombing range

    HEADLINE: Orlando, Fla., homes built atop WWII bombing range

    They recently learned their 8-year-old developments were built on a World War II bombing range that wasn't thoroughly cleared. Now they're scared for their lives and investments and angry with developers and local government officials who residents claim shouldn't have allowed the homes in the first place.

    There are hundreds of former bombing and artillery training ranges across the U.S., but few have 2,000 homes sitting on top of them.

    reports on the range from late 1990s were shared with the local officials who compiled information used to approve the site development, before the homes and schools went up. But that information was somehow stripped before the housing was approved. Current city officials haven't been able to determine how or why that happened.
    Waiting to hear from the Central Florida Cyburbians on this one.

    This sounds really bad for all the parties involved. or

    So what if this the second thread I have started about buried bombs/munitions.

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    The soil around Orlando is very sandy, so it's easy to dig and bury stuff there.

    When I was working in a town outside of Florida, I got called to the scene of a pool that was being built in someone's backyard. The contractor hit metal, dug around it, and it turned out to be a massive boiler for an old steam locomotive! The house apparently sat on the site of an old railroad yard that was abandoned several decades earlier.

    What happened to the boiler? It was sent off for scrap. It's not very useful or of much historic interest without the rest of the engine.
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