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Thread: Does your development dept have one main contact?

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    Jul 2008
    Illinois as of 1/1/09

    Does your development dept have one main contact?

    Does your development review process begin/end with one contact for the developer or do you require the developer to go to each authority on their own? For example, in come cities you submit your plans to a Planner and he gets prelim feedback from fire, sewer, engineering, etc and gives the developer a list of things to change. In other areas the developer goes to fire, sewer, engineering on his own and gets comments independently.

    Which do you do and which do you prefer?

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    Jan 2009
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    I use the one planner contact point and it works for me. I figure part of my job is to help people through the process.

    My last city decided to use a permit tech as the point of contract. Way to piss off all the professionals. Your contact point really has to have some knowledge of the whole process and why each dept. is saying what it's saying.
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    Dark Side Perspective: Having a single point of contact makes *so* much more sense. You would not believe the number of municipalities in which engineering, building, fire, etc are not in sync with one another or aware of the ways in which their comments conflict with one another. A planner in one community in particular loves to throw the monkey and say 'You'll have to talk to Building about that". This does the profession a disservice IMO. Siloes suck.

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    Agreed. That's the reason why project managers exist and a fully trained, thoughtful, responsive PM is very valuable.

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