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Thread: Questions for UP students at Pratt, Hunter, NYU, Columbia

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    Sep 2008
    New York, NY

    Questions for UP students at Pratt, Hunter, NYU, Columbia

    I know there have been several previous threads about the perceived differences between the programs at these four New York City schools. I was wondering if any current students could tell us a bit more about what their experiences are like (especially Pratt and Hunter, about which I think there's less information in past discussions)

    Why did you choose the school you chose? Did you get funding? How do you like the program and how do you think it compares to others?

    Also, how would you suggest going about sitting in on a class at one of these schools?

    Thank you!

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    Nov 2007
    New York, NY
    I'm sitting in on a planning class at Hunter at the moment, and the entire process was shockingly easy. I sent in an application to enroll as a non-matriculated student to graduate admissions and received an acceptance letter about a week later. Then I contacted the planning department directly to receive approval for my first-choice course, which I received instantly, and I enrolled the following day. The total came to a little over $1,000 and the credits are transferable. Columbia and Pratt were going to charge me over $1,000 per CREDIT if I enrolled non-matriculated.

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    Dec 2008
    Upstate, NY
    I'm in similar shoes.

    Have you found out any more information about NYU? I ultimately submitted an application there over Pratt because NYU has an international specialization I'm interested in.

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