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Thread: Preservation, planning and development?

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    Preservation, planning and development?

    I'm a graduate student pursuing an M.S. in Historic Preservation and an M.S. in Urban Planning at a leading university.

    I was wondering what options there are for someone interested in preservation, planning and real estate development? Is there a career which functions at the crossroads of these fields?

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    I hate to say this with your multiple master's degree, but jobs that might best suite your skill set may be in the non-profit sector. There are historic preservation firms, organizations, etc, that work with counties, cities and hist. preservation commissions on projects, but many of them tend to be non-profit.

    There are also 'preservation planners' out there, but the positions are few and far between because of the specialization and most of them tend to be in large metro areas or in large departments. The most common preservation planner is your typical planner that does preservation as part of their work but also works on other projects for a town or county.

    Some other potential employers on a national level are the National Park Service, National Trust and other large preservation organizations such as State Historic Preservation Offices. In your studies you will learn about many organizations, keep a list and keep an eye out for jobs. There may be some private firms that might have use for your skills, maybe ones that do alot of redevelopment work, possibly a firm that may typically offer more architecture services. Best of Luck!
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    Well I live in NYC, so I guess I have that on my side.

    The closest sector of planning/preservation I have come across that deals with development is general preservation consulting and not-for-profit development.

    Both seem extremely interesting, but perhaps tough to get into?

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