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Thread: Environmental management and conservation planning

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    Sep 2007
    San Francisco, Ca

    Environmental management and conservation planning


    I am in the process of applying to graduate schools and have become very interested in an Environmental Science and Management program. There is a specialization in Conservation Planning, but I am also very interested in physical planning and the built environment.

    Basically, I am wondreing what opportunities or limitations this grad program would create when I re-enter the working world, potentially in the planning field. Is there such a large difference between conservation and urban planning that skill sets would be non-transferable? Would this experience be seen as not fully applicable?

    Also, the plan is to live in California. The dream is to work as a planning or development consultant in a private firm, but that is subject to change I suppose. Any advice would be gratly appreciated.


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    Oct 2008
    sunshine state
    My undergrad is in environmental planning and I was really surprised to see just how many different ways I can use my degree and experience! Urban planning would be great as you can work with the urban landscapes, open spaces, and greenway trails. You can research the urban tree canopy and help to preserve it! And in the more rural areas like where I work you can draft ordinances to preserve the open space and create wildlife corridors and greenways, plus you can take part in commenting on projects that involve the preservation of the environment. I work for the g-ment; I am not sure if I could work for the private sector unless it was a non-for-profit. I really love being a public servant, it really suits me! Good luck!

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