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Thread: Building evacuation plan

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    Building evacuation plan

    I've been tasked with drafting building evacuation plans for several buildings... basically the floor plans, labeled, with fire extinguisher and fire alarm locations and arrows showing the path(s) of evacuation.

    Having never done something like this before, I'm wondering-- what software program would be best to use? CAD? Is there anything out there I can get for free?

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    You need to consult with your local Fire Marshal. Bring a selected plan or two and explain your need to him. He may be able to help, or refer you to proper criteria such as the local building code involved.

    Most large communities have their own codes, or have adopted the International Building Code (formerly Standard Building Code) for exitways:


    Architects and some engineers are trained in the application of this code. It will probably be better to consult with them, or hire them to do the exitway calculations and graphic depictions, and printing and mounting of them for your use. This is part of their expertise normally required.

    They would be charged with verifying that the drawings show actual conditions (some building modifications might have been made that are not shown on existing or old floor plans that are available).

    They will also be charged with knowing fire ratings of existing walls and acceptable widths of halls and stairways. They will also be charged with interpreting whether travel distance can be calculated from hallway doors or interior room doors.

    They will also be charged with making a detailed professional survey of existing equipment and to know if present configuration meets current applicable codes.

    They can also notify you of any code deficiencies, and provide you with budget estimates to comply with current codes. Codes allow some deficiencies to continue to exist without modification. They can advise you on mandatory changes required.

    Anyone can draw a line on a floor plan showing direction of travel, but it may be that the line of travel does not meet current code requirements without modification of the building.

    Good luck.

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    Jan 2009
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    Evacuation & Procedure Sign Systems

    My company designs and manufactures Emergency Evacuation & Procedure Sign Systems for universities, hospitals, factories, and schools from all over the country. We seem to get a good reception from our customer's local fire inspectors. You are more than welcome to copy the symbols and style, all of our competitors seem to have for years. We use MacDraft which is a pretty simple cad program. http://www.emergencyevacuationsigns.com I also attached a pdf file that has large 11"x17" floor plans w/ symbols. Of coarse if your interested in having us make them for you, please feel free to contact me.
    Hope that helps,

    Aaron Haas
    Somerset Galleries Inc.
    1144 S. Fourth St.
    Columbus, Ohio 43206

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