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Thread: Life flashed before my eyes...

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    Jan 2006
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    Life flashed before my eyes...

    “I’ve always heard your entire life flashes in from of you eyes the second before you die.”

    ---- Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey’s character in American Beauty)

    A couple of weeks ago while I was riding my motorcycle on a busy highway, I nearly rear-ended the car in front of me doing about 70 mph. I’m not sure if the car merged in front of me or if the sun was at just the right angle where I didn’t see the brake lights in time to slow down safely. Came out of it unscathed, but for the rest of the 25 miles home, my leg wouldn’t stop shaking and when I did get home, I nearly got emotional in the afterthought (i.e. holy sh!t, that was close).

    As close as this was, my life did not flash in front of my eyes. However, it has happened to me two or three times in the past, but I can only recall the event that led up to one of them.

    So, I’m not sure these are near-death experiences…probably just short thereof. Yes or no?

    I’m sure this has happened to some of you. Tell us about it.
    ...my lifestyle determines my death style!
    - Metallica

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    May 2003
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    No Flash

    This Bear has a couple near-death experiences to share. Actually shared one of them, in a thread relating to fatal accidents witnessed. Details of both.....

    The Mustang & The Tree
    The year was either 1972 or 1973. I was living in Bowling Green, OH. I was recently separated from my first wife (Cynthia). Most weekend nights a group of us would go to a Bowling Green bar, for dancing and drinking. On this night I talked a couple friends into "bar-hopping" up in my hometown, Toledo.

    We hit a couple hot spots in Toledo, including the Ottawa Tavern, the Tabard Inn, the Bier Stube. I was in the back seat of a Mustang. My friends Cook (driving) and his brother Gary were in the front seat. At the Bier Stube I said, "Let's go to The Player's Club. I will tell you how to get there. I know a shortcut."

    Ottawa Drive winds around Ottawa Park. At the corner of Ottawa Drive and Torrey Hill Drive, Ottawa has a 90-degree turn. As we took my famous "shortcut" down Ottawa Drive, Cook stepped on the gas, probably hitting close to 60 mph. Yes, youth and alcohol were involved. Before I could warn him about the sharp turn the Mustang found the turn, hit the curb, and flew through the air, clipping a rather large oak tree on the driver's side.

    I believe it was a classic example of Newton's Third Law. Whatever it is called, Cook's chest crashed into the steering wheel and my flying forward Bearish body pushed Gary through the front windshield.

    We were treated and released, with no major injuries. Dumb luck that we didn't all die and none of you would have ever heard the words "De Noc". Life did not flash before my eyes.

    Cincinnati Fatal
    As mentioned in that other thread, I witnessed a horrible fatal multi-vehicle accident on I-75 in a northern Cincinnati suburb, Evendale. A semi-truck almost hit me, as traffic slowed for construction. He roared past me (because I crowded into another lane) and hit a number of cars. The first car he hit, a Camaro, exploded in a huge fireball. The heat was so intense that I had to stop my truck and quickly back away from the inferno. After backing and stopping I ran to the burning car, but could not get close.

    Because I was right behind the Camaro I had to return to Cincinnati and testify at the trial for the truck driver, accused of vehicular homicide. In one of the most painful experiences in my life I had to tell the victim's mother that I did not hear screams from his burning car.

    In that scenario, I did not have life flash before my eyes.

    Occupy Cyburbia!

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    Dec 2005
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    Blog entries
    #1: Highway 26 (aka Sunset Highway) in metro Portland. I was a restaurant manager there and lived in the 'burbs but my store was located in inner SE Portland which was a 15 mile commute. I had worked all day, gone to class in the evening, and returned home only to be summoned in because the overnight manager called out and nobody could cover. I had asked my then ex if he could take me but he said he was tired so I drove myself. Worked the shift and then left around 6am to go home and I was dead tired. I was driving with the A/C on and nursing some caffeine and had made it about 12 miles to home when I feel asleep. I was doing about 60 and woke up to the car spinning and all sorts of dirt and grass raining down on the windshield. I sat there stunned and got out of the car to inspect the damage, just two flat tires. Then I looked back towards the direction that I had come from....the concrete barricade median ended just 500 ft before the place I drove off the highway into the median

    #2: Working in a restaurant subjects you to many segments of the population, not all of them nice. I was working in the drive thru taking orders, the car ordered, pulled up to the window, and when I turned to give them their order and collect payment I was greeted with a gun. I just put my hands up, emptied the cash register and gave it to them as they drove off. Fortunately we were very good in making regular skims and cash drops so they got maybe $150. Little did they know that they were on candid camera from three directions.
    "He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is that not what it means to know me?" Jeremiah 22:16

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    Nov 2006
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    Fat Cat

    Without going into gory details, I have a few experiences along this line and the thought that always went through my mind and was "what do I have to do to get myself out of this" On at least one occasion it did cause me to do some thing that saved my life and another persons. I could have just laid there and have ended up dead. My life did not pass before on any of the occasions but then again, maybe it was not my time and therefore it did not pass before my eyes.
    Some of us that were the military together and now are scattered to the four winds, get together to celebrate the "Birthday" and Veterans Day at this time of the year.. We got together (at one location) and celebrated this weekend and no we did not tell war stories but more about what our children, grandchildren are doing and how our health is. We are just glad to be alive, so this thread came at a time when I was already thinking about how lucky I am to be alive.
    I am glad that the rest of you are alive too.

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