The City of Palo, which was heavily damaged by the June 11 - 13 flood
event, is holding its 2nd visioning workshop this Saturday, Nov. 8.
Please see the attached flyer for details. This is a "call for planners"
to help with the charrette. Please reply to Susan Millan at
Susan.Millan (AT) associates (DOT)

Les Beck, Director

Linn County Planning & Development

930 1st St. SW

Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

(319) 892-5151

les.beck (AT) linncounty (DOT) org


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Subject: FW: Nov 8 Workshop

Dear Planners and Engineers:

Are you able to attend the Nov. 8th "From Vision to Goals" Workshop? I
hope so.

Part of the workshop is breaking into groups to consider 3 "Big Ideas"

1) Connection of the City to the natural environment with trails, parks,
and activities related to outdoor recreation. (With a focus on the Palo
Iowa Living Roadways plan).

2) The existing and future center/heart of the community as could be
defined by the new city hall and community center's location and
functions; and

3) Strengthening the business/commercial environment of Palo.

Considering these elements is a significant move toward long range
planning. Members of the City Council will be helping us facilitate this
event. Each of the Long Term Community Recovery community events are a
kind of "on the job" training for the Palo council and staff. Community
meetings are never easy, but each event should help everyone get more
comfortable with the community process.

Please let me know if you are able to come to this event.

Thank you,


Susan Millan

Palo Team Lead


AFO 2 - Cedar Rapids

4500 Wilson Ave SW

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