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Thread: Potable water comprehensive plan policies

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    Aug 2001
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    Potable water comprehensive plan policies

    Florida is divided into seven water management districts. In about 2005, some of the districts, as directed by changes in state law, began approving regional water management plans. In August of this year, our management district approved a management plan for our area. This requires us to prepare a water facilities work plan and incorporate it into the comprehensive plan.

    Clearly, I'm going to need the assistance of our utility services department to prepare the work plan, so I engaged them. Here's the rub: utility services wants me to include policies concerning water rates, terms of contracts (we're wholesalers and well as retailers), levels of disinfection, storage, peak hour use, water quality at points of delivery, etc.

    I'm telling them no way. You want to amend the comp plan each time you want to change the water rates? The plan is supposed to be a broad view of the future.

    Your thoughts? Anybody else dive into this type of detail? Florida folks, what are your experiences with water facilities work plans? Ours needs to be adopted by February 2010, but for various reasons, we're getting ahead of the curve. Way ahead. I've been using a boilerplate out of Miami-Dade.

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    Aug 2001
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    I am with you on this. We would normally address these issues with an implementation statement like "annually review water rates to ensure pricing that reflects city costs of services."
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    I did one of these. We included our Utility Service Area maps, demand projection charts relative to plant capacity, and then we had the 10 year Water/Sewer CIE to show concurrency. The Goals, Objectives, and Policies section was sort of an afterthought but had all the necessary statements to appease DCA.

    I left the job before it got DCA's blessing but apparently it was financially feasible and everything.. Are they still tweaking the G.M. statutes every year or so?

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