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Thread: Transit station design

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    Transit station design

    I am trying to gather case studies of successful transit stations. Can be either rail or bus, would be best to find both. There does not seem to be a wealth of information on the net about the design characteristics of the stations. Any ideas?

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    Robert Cervero and Michael Bernick published case studies of transit oriented developments in a book. Peter Calthorpe has specified conditions for good TODs. I'm not sure either goes into the kind of detail you are looking for, but I'd start with these two authors. Also, look up transit planning in Oregon and Washington.

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    We are working on TODs in Cleveland in various ways including EcoVillage and various citizen groups interested in TOD. Ken Emling of our firm is designing intermodal transit centers and retrofitting the University Circle intermodal station for ADA and the Greater Cleveland Transit Authority is working on redesign of all rail stations. They have a good rep with the Citizens Advisory Committee.

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    The Regional Transit Authority (RTA) and Metra have done research and are working on developing TODs in Chicago and suburbs. You can find papers on the subject at RTA's website.

    Also neighborhood groups are working with the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) to develop TODs in their neighborhood. CTA just opened a new station to great fanfare but many of the existing stations are "successful", servicing thousands of riders and providing amenities found in proposed TOD designs.

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