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Thread: Estimating average daily traffic

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    Estimating average daily traffic

    I am using hardcopy DOT traffic volume maps and attempting to get a estimate of average daily traffic for a 7 mile loop that incoporates local, state and US highways/bridges. Should I total the 11 segments (as deliniated by the DOT) and divide by 11 OR should I total the AADT and divide by 7 (as in 7 miles)? Or another way?

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    So, you have 11 segments over 7 miles each with different AADTs for the same year that you are concerned with? How many access points are there along these 7 miles, and how different are the AADTs?

    the units for AADT have nothing to do with miles, so dividing by 7 would give you a bogus value. Dividing by the 11 segments would give you an average over the entire length if that is something you are after, but I would strongly suggest just using the greater of these 11 values.

    Remember that you are looking at Average Annual Daily Traffic. The peak yearly volume will of course be much higher.

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    Another suggestion:

    If you're looking at a loop of various roads, these will have various capacities based upon roadway conditions. For example 20,000 on a 4 lane road with lots of traffic signals will have a lot more congestion than 20,000 on a six lane freeway. A traffic count by itself does not mean much. If you can compare it to a roadway's capacity, then you have meaningful data. This is typically shown as a vehicle to capacity ratio, I would suggest maybe looking at each segment seperately, that way you can address transportation needs of each individual segment because one segment may operate just fine, and another may need some help.
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    Thanks for the input

    Thanks everyone for the input.

    What we decided to do was use a weighted average of the segments to get a generalized estimate. It's just for discussion purposes, a more exact number would be created through this study. The AADT are all between 15,000-25,000.
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