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Thread: Estimating costs of new street construction

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    Estimating costs of new street construction

    Looking for some help... Is there a way I can estimate the cost per sq. foot of a two lane residental street, constructed of asphalt with curb and gutter, meets Class-A all-weather standards, constructed on farily flat terrian?

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    The best way is to call a city nearby that has done one recently. The costs are too varible to estimate otherwise.
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    For a newly platted subdivision or in an existing area? Right-of-way required? Utilities or utility relocation? Catch basins and storm sewers? Street lights? Curb, gutter, and sidewalks?

    giff57 is right -- it's probably easiest to contact a community or developer that has done one recently and see if they will give you a 'ballpark' estimate.

    Upgrading an existing two-lane, in an urbanized area, to two 12' lanes, including acquiring r-o-w, utility relocation, curb, gutter and 5'-0" class "A" concrete walks will easily run $1M a mile.
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    Griff & Gedunker have it. Costs vary wildy. Even on relatively flat terain you will have issues with sub-base, in some places you may need to do quite a bit to prepare the soil, in others, not so much. Other things to consider include drainage. With C&G I would assume you would need catch basins and a drain system. That will signifcantly increase the cost of the project. In addition, will this be built to AASHTO standards?

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    Oct 2006
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    Not to mention the impact in general of the construction market. Contractors will bid much more competitively when they're hungry...

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