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Thread: Online degrees: are they worth it?

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    Jul 2008
    Chi burbs, Illinois

    Online degrees: are they worth it?

    In some cases (Phoenix University etc.) obviously not. However I am talking about degrees from accredited institutions with legitimate programs. Basically I am trying to figure out whether an MPA offered from the University of Illinois would not be valued as much if acquired in an online setting. I definitely wouldn't advertise the fact that I got it online, but if it came up do you think prospective employers would hold it against me?

    I am also trying to factor this into my MBA v. MPA decision, which I realize depends on what I want to end up doing. However I have recently read some information stating that MPA's are becoming more attractive due to the glut of MBA's out there.

    Any advice or comments?

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    Cyburbian stroskey's avatar
    Dec 2008
    the delta
    If the school you receive the degree from is accredited I don't see why there would be a problem. If you get it while working then you have both real-world and educational experience. There are a lot of accredited schools out there, but I mean a school that is familiar with the general public and has a bricks-and-mortar campus.

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    The piece of advice I would give is to verify what the diploma will state. Does it look identical to a diploma issued by the bricks & mortar campus? Is it accredited? Does the program look rigorous, in your judgement?

    MPA is fast becoming one of the more common degrees offered through a virtual campus from a brick & mortar university. Most employers recognize this fact.

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