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Thread: Salary growth potential in Canada/Alberta more specifically.

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    Dec 2007
    High River/Alberta

    Salary growth potential in Canada/Alberta more specifically.

    I have been very interested in becoming an urban planner since discovering there was an actual niche for the career that did not require a civil engineering degree last year while applying to Universities. I did not chose to pursue it in my first year of undergrad which I just started because the salary always bothered me slightly and instead chose to go the business route. That said, the business route has not totally worked because of a prereq calculus course, but that is a different story. Anyways, I will most likely be switching into an Urban Studies undergrad degree at the UofC which is non-accredited and will then pursue my Masters in a fully certified Urban Planning program. That being said, does anyone have information from an actual planner's perspective considering starting salaries, and growth and what I would look to be making around 40 when I am further into the degree. I see the salary ranges posted in job opportunities on the CIP website, but would enjoy a perspective from someone in the field. Thanks,

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    Dec 2004
    Up North
    I'm in Central Alberta. Our development officers are making around $45-60,000/year. The Manager is making $85-100,000. When I started 5 years ago I was making less than $40,000 and I'm making more than double that now; but it seems that there is a leveling off trend in wages these days. Don't expect to see big increases and there is grumblings that if the oil sector keeps cooling there could be rollbacks. Also, the number and types of jobs available may be significantly impacted by the province's new Land Use Framework. I'm guessing it will mean more jobs, but it is hard to say.

    If you want more info. PM me.

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    Aug 2001
    Starting pay in the capital region is over $50,000 in most municipalities (unless you are really out in the boonies). The Senior Planners where I work are making up to $80,000, the Manager up to $110k and the Director is up to $120k or so.

    That could all be up in smoke though if oil stays below $60/barrel.

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