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Thread: Help with rec letter procedure

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    Sep 2008
    New York, NY

    Help with rec letter procedure

    I made a little mistake with my letters of recommendation, and I need some help! Two of the schools I'm applying to (UVA and UIC) use paper letter of recommendation forms, and they want the letters mailed directly to them. I guess I can't follow directions very well, because I asked the writers of my letters of recommendation to mail them back to me to be included when I mail the rest of my documents. Oops. They're all stamped and sealed, obviously, but is it going to look horrible if I include the letters with the rest of my documents? Should I just mail them right back to the schools myself? Surely someone else out there has made this mistake, right??


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    Dec 2006
    Call up the admissions offices and explain your situation. Verify if they wanted the letters to be mailed separately from the rest of the application.

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