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Thread: Minimum lot size for a dog kennel

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    Minimum lot size for a dog kennel

    Hello All,

    I'm wondering what your municipality requires as the minimum lot size for having a dog kennel in a residential zone? I'm more interested in regulations for those who breed certain kinds of dogs as a hobby rather than a commercial dog kennel.


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    Aug 2001
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    A kennel in a residential neighborhood? Don't go there. I don't buy it being a hobby. This use, IMO, belongs in a rural area or a commercial zone with significant buffers to adjacent properties.
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    I assure you people don't want them in the rural area either.

    We have a large number of "greyhound kennels" I don't mind them the National headquarters is here. It is big business. They tend to stay close to one another and police themselves pretty well. But try to bring in anything else and the neighbors will fight. We are currently arguing about a kennel for 5 german shepards being trained as police dogs. The neighbors are screaming that they have lost their "peace and quiet".

    Oh back to the question. We require 10 acres and 1000 ft of seperation. Less than 10 acres with a CUP.

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    it seems my town is quite lax compared to yours. we allow residents up to 5 dogs anywhere in town, over that and they need a special permit. Said permit is only allowed on 2, and 1 acre minimum lots. Anyways, an issue has come up where a woman in town breeds chi hua hua's as a hobby. As this is the case, she often has more than 5 dogs. However, she is in a zone with 1/2 acre minimum lot so she cannot get a special permit. This lady is super upset and is even considering moving (which i think is silly). I guess i'm trying to do some due diligence to see if there are any examples out there that would allow this on such a lot. Right now I just tell her "we don't know what we don't know" as long as we don't get complaints we leave it alone... not much else to do..

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    We allow up to four dogs over four months of age anywhere in the city. This allows hobby breeders if they get rid of the puppies before they reach four months of age.

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