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Thread: Urban regeneration best practice - dissertation, comments appreciated

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    Jan 2009
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    Urban regeneration best practice - dissertation, comments appreciated

    Hey all, if you've seen my introduction thread then you know what this is about.

    Im currently working on my dissertation which is entitled "Urban Regeneration: Evolution or Devolution?"

    The main aim of this is to studying good practice examples, from various sources, in urban regeneration over the past 3 decades. Due to constraints Im concentrating on 2 areas London and the Scottish Central Belt (Glasgow to Edinburgh).

    Now I dont have all my case studies as of yet, so if you have any examples please suggest them (however, it must be recognised as good practice by either publication i.e. "Improving Urban Areas: Good Practice in Urban Regeneration" or PPG's, PPS's SPPG's PAN's etc or by a relevant authority (either public private or voluntary).

    Now this is the section which I need help with most of all, to evaluate I have a checklist, and one of the points on the checklist is if it is transferable i.e. over authorities can use this example to help them with their regeneration. So have you, while practicing, ever referred to a good practice example to help you with you authorities UR? If so, can you please let me know what example it was you referred to?

    If for any reason you cant/do not want to reply in this thread, feel free to email me on d.s.mccafferty@dundee.ac.uk

    Many Thanks


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