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Thread: Columbia MsRED

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    Dec 2008
    Charleston, SC

    I was initially very interested in the prospect of getting my Masters from UIC, but never applied. Since there is still time to submit my app (till May 15th) I would be interested in knowing more about the school. What impressed you so much? Did they seem to have good post-grad placement? What is the cost of the program?

    Maybe I am way to focused on cost and placement over the education experience, but I am going to need a well paying job in order to pay off the debt.

    Right now I was accepted at NYU and JHU (DC campus). NYU is two years and will cost well over $100K once you include living expenses. This is why I am thinking JHU which is $35K plus living expenses and one year (or $70K).

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    Dec 2005
    S. FL
    UIC did seem to have good post grad placement. The assistant director I met with teaches the Real Estate Finance class and showed me exactly the things I'll learn in the program. Learning finance is a big deal for me; I'm coming from City Hall.

    Secondly, his entire career has been spent in the Chicago area and he personally takes an active role in assisting you in finding an internship if you'd like. He writes letters of recommendation (if you have some level of apptitude) on your behalf post-grad. When I asked what the success rate was for his graduates in securing a job, his response was, "Very high." In the current economy, jobs will move from out of the ground develpoment to asset management. Just be aware that these are the skills you should be focusing on obtaining...

    Cost of the program is, "all-in" (tuition, room/board, living expenses) for one year, out-of-state, 50K. Much less if your in-state.

    He made me aware that one shouldn't expect a six-figure salary now a days as a recent grad, but jobs in the 60-70K range that can quickly rise to the six-figure mark (assuming you can perform) are available; and certainly so in the Chicago area.

    - JH

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    Mar 2004
    new york
    Quote Originally posted by Hempdiddy View post
    That IS totally messed up. I can't believe people like me and GK83 (or ANY applicant) are put into a position like that. It's non-sensical and not a good first impression of the program.

    I believe Harvard's MDes programs admits about 25 people per year.
    Harvard's MDesS program only admits about 10-12 per year.

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    I'd like to apply to MIT and Columbia for a MsRED for 2010-11.

    Being an international architect, so wondering which are the chances to be admitted. For what I read, out of 100, around 10 are architects and around 30 are foreigners. But 30-40% acceptance rate seems pretty high to me (many programs in Ivy League or Russell Group Universities have a +- 10% acceptance rate).

    As for architects, which are the pluses to get in? Kind of offices (boutique/starchitect/commercial)? International experience? Developer experience?

    Also how many years of experience are usually required? I have read by MIT website that the medium age is around 30 (5-7 years experience), but in this thread there are people as young as 25 (for Columbia, though).

    Thanks in advance,


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