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Thread: Help choosing appropriate Masters program

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    Help choosing appropriate Masters program

    Dear Friends,

    I am a civil engineer with about 4+ years experience( and 3+ of that in GIS). I am interested in enrolling for a Masters programme in planning in this year. I have looked at the details of Masters programme in Urban Planning offered in UK (since UK is one of my preferred destination), But was not able to find a suitable course.

    Can someone please help me on this predicament by suggesting some universities, which offer the kind of course I am looking forward to? I am providing below a suggestion list of the courses which I would like to be included in my masters program.

    General Aspects of Infrastructure Planning
    Statistics and Information Processing
    Environmental Aspects
    Regional and Urban Planning-Theories and Technical Aspects
    Transport Planning and Modelling And Traffic Engineering
    Case Study
    Project Planning and Financing
    GIS and Data Management
    Methodological Aspects of Infrastructure Planning
    Tendering, Contracting and Project Management-Elective
    Sustainable development concepts
    Information Technology aspects/applications in Urban Planning.

    The main aspects of study that I am looking forward to is Urban and Regional Planning and Transportation planning, with the other options available as electives.

    Kindly guide me and advice me on this.

    Thanks and Regards,


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    Oct 2008
    North Carolina
    I think most good planning schools would cover most of those topics. I'm not sure that would lead you to one particular school.

    As far as transportation, it seems schools often mentioned as being strong include Rutgers, MIT, Georgia Tech, UNC, Berkeley and others.

    Hope this helps a little.

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    tnx buddy

    hi buddy thnx for the response,lemme give it a thought

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