A number of you have already contacted me to let me know that your
the Law and Ethics sessions aren't being credited for your Law and
Ethics requirements. Below is the response I received from Luke
Hughes at APA concerning the problem.


Thanks for the email. We are aware that the ethics and law credits are
currently displayed incorrectly and it is due to this that the credits
aren't adding up properly in the log. IT is correcting said item and
the correction will be rolled out with Phase II of our member website
launch next month. At that time, all members' logs will be corrected.

Regardless, thanks again for the email Gary, and please let your members
know that this issue will be corrected and all members' logs will be
corrected, and that the members can simply continue to log credits.
There is no action needed by the members, when the technical problem
gets corrected, it will automatically correct the logs.


Let's cross our fingers that a "2nd PROBLEM WITH SUBMITTING YOUR
STUFF!" e-mail won't be necessary.


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