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Thread: Code enforcement revenue

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    Feb 2004
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    Code enforcement revenue

    In these dark economic times I'm curious how many other communities are considering or have already made the move to turn their code enforcement activities into revenue generators? Around here there has historically been enough building activity during the last 40 years where the department could handily self-fund from building permits and plan review fees. Now building activity has slowed to a trickle and we're compelled to look elsewhere for funds (outside of the usual CDBG sources).

    Anyone charge 'inspection fees' for code enforcement? If so, how much? I can't imagine such a move would be well-received in the spere of politics, but perhaps I'm mistaken.

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    Aug 2008
    We charge a nominal fee of $25.00 for inspections of existing businesses done by the fire marshal. As building inspector, I suppose I could do some of those buildings as well under the existing building code (yes there is a code for existing buildings) but that wouldn't fly with the electeds...we charge $75 for a 5-yr rental housing permit and that includes one inspection with a follow-up visit if necessary. We charge $75 for each inspection that is the result of a complaint received. We charge $75 for an inspection in which no one shows up.

    On code enforcement related to general property maintenance (too much junk, abandoned cars, appliances, etc), if the matter ends up in court, we seek attorney's fees & any court costs in addition to a civil penalty. It shouldn't cost us anything because someone decides not to follow the rules.

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    Aug 2007
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    Just this year we added a $50.00 reinspect fee if our CE officer has to go reinspect a property after a Notice of Violation has been issued. We only assess this fee if the property is still not in compliance at the time of reinspection.

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    Oct 2005
    When I headed code enforcement all the revenue from tickets and settlements went to the court system. Exactly like a speeding ticket would not directly go to the police department. The code enforcement department saw zero revenue directly but would bring in about 20-30k a year in fines and settlements.

    Re-inspection fees are typically applied in building code (25-50 dollars per trip per failed inspection)

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