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Thread: Market research

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    Market research

    Almost half way done with Master's in Urban planning - decided I do not want to become a practicing planner. Does anyone here know if said degree would be applicable to a career in market research? Our program requires a year of quantitative methods and I"m going to take some graduate sociology (research) classes for electives. Anyone have any experience in this?

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    Much high-level marketing research experience in my employment history.

    Leave your MUP program and get an MBA in marketing research.

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    As somebody who has an MUP and who works as the Market Research Analyst for a very large county planning department, I would have to say that the MUP is a great educational background if you want to be in the world of research. I do a lot of site selection type work with our economic development folks and I think that having an entirely different perspective than all the finance and business folks in our office is something that is respected here. Through my position I also commonly work on economic and fiscal impact models and can hold my own when talking to our outside consultants from the very highly regarded economics department of a major university in the area.

    While you might get a lot of people telling you that an MBA is the way to go, I think that some of the tools that a planning education will give you will prove very helpful... specifically how to use GIS and navigating your way through multiple levels of government beauracracies.

    My undergraduate degrees are in economics, public administration and public policy and I think that those provided a good foundation for me and as long as you have some basic knowledge of economics and accounting and can combine that with the year of quantitative methods that your program requires, I think that you will be in good shape.
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    Quote Originally posted by Seana View post
    Much high-level marketing research experience in my employment history.

    Leave your MUP program and get an MBA in marketing research.
    I appreciate your help. Not to sound too glib, but MBAs seem like a dime a dozen. I have a marketing undergrad degree and worked in the media for six years. Having the MUP exposes me to a broad range of "real world" issues and I believe I will be well served by the amount of quant and economics I'm exposed to.

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    You can do market research with an MUP or a MS in Geography, if you can get in enough of the right coursework and then get the right kind of employment. Another possibility is a MS in Real Estate.
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