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Thread: Census BAS survey?

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    Jun 2005
    NYC area

    Census BAS survey?

    Is anyone else making updates to municipal boundaries as part of the Census Boundary and Annexation Survey?

    Here's the deal... I need to update our boundaries here. They haven't changed, but the Place boundaries that the Census Bureau had on file for this municipality were incorrect. Perhaps they've always been that way and no one caught it until now. They are off by a few hundred feet and a number of parcels are cut off. Now, I have both the digital BAS materials and the paper maps - I requested both types to give us more options. To those of you also doing a boundary update, which method did you choose and why? It looks like the digital method may be a little complicated as they want us to include metadata and adhere to all of their proprietary standards when we make the edits. Paper may be easier in this case, though potentially less accurate. Thoughts?

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    Cyburbian Plus
    Jun 2003
    Yes, we had 2 annexations that I submitted on their paper maps with their red pencil.

    I found the paper maps easier to deal with then their GIS mainly because of projection conversion and/or registration problems.

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    May 2003
    Staff meeting
    I also used the paper maps for updates. Much simpler and I liked the physicality of the process better, too.

    As for where the boundaries were/are wrong, I basically just compared it to the boundaries on our zoning map, which is very accurate.

    We also had practically zero boundary changes (except one small single lot annexation), but there were several boundary corrections that were fairly important.
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    Apr 1996
    New Hampshire
    One of the nice things about working in NH, where everything's incorporated.....we never have changes for BAS.
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