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Thread: Co-op opportunities

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    Feb 2009

    Co-op opportunities

    Just curious if any Australian companies ever hire Canadian students for Co-op or summer internships. I know now is not the time to be looking for work, however I thought it was worth asking (wouldn't be looking until the summer of 2010 so maybe the economy is on the rebound then ?). If anyone has any stories or experiences they would be appreciated.

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    Dec 2008
    Syndey, Australia
    Check with Queensland PIA, they are quite good with this and opening relationships with foreign planners. They are on the pia website (www.planning.org.au) and click on divisions. They have a work register on there as well, but give them a call.

    I read somewhere that ANU in Canberra had Canadian planners due some experience there in the past.You could always come on a working holiday visa as well and try out planning.

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