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Thread: Cal Poly Pomona- Where do graduate students typically live?

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    Cal Poly Pomona- Where do graduate students typically live?

    Does anyone know where Cal Poly Pomona graduate students typically live? Because their program is held primarily at night, lending to part, or full-time, employment, do students live in Los Angeles and commute to class (I say LA because I presume there are > job opportunities there)? Do they live in Pomona? Somewhere in between?

    I have not yet visited the school so I don't know the ACTUAL amount of time it takes to travel from L.A. to Pomona w/ traffic...

    Any insight?


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    Pomona is a little far to be driving from LA, it can take up to a couple hours to commute depending on time of day, so I would not recommend it. I would live in Pomona or surrounding areas like san dimas, ontario, chino hills. There is more growth in the Inland Empire anyway as opposed to LA. Hope this helps

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    LA --> Pomona

    Thanks for the reply! I figured so much, but I wanted to hear it first hand!

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    I used to commute from Santa Monica to Pomona everyday, and it only took me about 45 min with light traffic. Work started at 6:45a, and I was usually done by 4pm, so I missed the bulk of the commuters. It's not a bad drive if you time it right. That being said, why would you want to put yourself through that.

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    Those who I know who went to Cal Poly Pomona lived in LA (Silverlake) and Pasadena. If your classes are at night (so that you can work during the daytime) then you'll hit traffic going in, but not coming back. Traveling eastbound on the 10 or 60 from LA is not bad during morning rush hour, because everyone's coming from the IE to LA. It can be half an hour from somewhere like the Palms to Pomona. Closer to Pomona, check out Claremont, since you also have the Claremont Colleges and there's a cute downtown... same with Upland, which is just east of Claremont. Claremont can be more expensive (1BR's around $1100/month) than neighboring cities but I think it's the nicest area in terms of having places nearby to walk to. Also, in general, the rents in the IE have dropped substantially since this time last year.

    My only advice is that if your classes are more on the traditional 9-5 schedule, then avoid living east of Pomona since you'll hit really bad traffic (unless if you plan on taking Metrolink).

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