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Poll results: Display your credentials?

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  • Hexx yeah, I worked hard for that.

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  • No, that is too pretentious.

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  • I would if I could, but I am unable to right now.

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  • Other, explain below.

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Thread: The display of your credentials (degrees, AICP certificate, other certifications)

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    Nov 2005
    In the Peach State
    All of the senior management have their wall of licenses, diplomas, and certificates, so it is strongly encouraged where I work. I have ACIP, Master's Degree, Uncergraduate Degree, and Certificate of Local Government Management (plus a bunch of artwork) displayed on my walls.

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    I know it's cheesy, but both AICP and college degree are on my wall behind my desk. Its my years in the profession, not the degree and certification that give me my planning creds, but they don't hurt.
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    Cyburbian hilldweller's avatar
    Jan 2005
    Land of Confusion
    I have my undergrad and grad school degrees framed on a wall behind my desk. I'm a state school hero

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    Gunfighter Mastiff's avatar
    Oct 2001
    Middle of a Dusty Street
    Quote Originally posted by Otis View post
    I used to have my AICP on the wall, but took it down for a calendar. None of my degrees, etc. are on the wall. When I was private sector I had them up, but not in public sector. The only reason I had the AICP up was to deal with people who said, "you're not a planner!"
    Like it would make a difference to those people....
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    Unfrozen Caveman Planner mendelman's avatar
    May 2003
    Staff meeting
    My creds are on my resume and that's all that matters.

    If I have this job, I obviously have the necessary creds.

    [planner sacrilege]And I'm not convinced (right now) about the real "value" of AICP.[/planner sacrilege]
    I'm sorry. Is my bias showing?

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    Cyburbian mike gurnee's avatar
    Feb 1998
    Greensburg, Kansas
    None in my temporary trailer. In other places, the degrees and AICP. It probably
    depends on others, such as what does the boss have. It gets really tacky to me when there is a wall full of crap conference certificates, I have even seen Sunday School "perfect attendance" certificates in the work place.

    As for awards...it depends. The thank you plaque for being APA Chapter officer is in a box in the basement. Awards with meaning you should be proud of.

    If you are the only one in the building with even a Bachelor's; well, be careful.

    JNA had a good point: copies of all professional development certificates should be in your personnel file.

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    Cyburbia Administrator Dan's avatar
    Mar 1996
    Upstate New York
    Blog entries
    Yeah, I've got "AICP" on my card, and I have my certificate on the wall, along with my diplomas. In a way, it's to reassure the public and city officials that "I know what I'm doing". Being a "soft science" unlike engineering, it can be difficult having your opinions or recommendations taken seriously, and I see the paper as putting some weight behind the work.

    Still, I'm not at the point where I'll sign my name "AICP", include it on memos, or the like.
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    Cyburbian dandy_warhol's avatar
    Aug 2005
    Masters is framed and on the wall.

    When I get AICP it will go on the wall and the letters behind my name.

    On my door I have my name and then the phonetic spelling of my last name. It helps reduce the cringe factor when new people come to see me.
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    Cyburbian Queen B's avatar
    Mar 2003
    "Somewhere in the middle"
    I am with JNA on the importance of EMI NFIP courses. I have a slip of paper after my name on my name plate that says CFM. If I am doing something in the floodplain world I use CFM. My BS is in Psychology. I use to use it but don't find a need to now. No certificateson the walls. I don't have room. I have maps on the walls.

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