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Thread: What do you see as the main planning issues facing your area?

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    Jul 2008
    North Sydney

    What do you see as the main planning issues facing your area?

    What do you see as the main planning issues facing your area?

    What issues are you finding most challenging?

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    Cyburbian Rem's avatar
    Jun 2003
    NSW, Australia
    Climtae change.

    Climate change.

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    Feb 2007
    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
    Yeah, CC is a biggy. That and the constant pressures being applied at the urban/forest/farm interface.

    Probably the most challenging times are when I mention ESD, or WSUD, and either get blank stares, knowing smiles, or snide remarks (sometimes all three in no particular order).

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    Sep 2008



    Well i suppose most know about the political history of South Africa which ignored some town planning principles. At this age of restoration we are facing the challenge of formalising informal settlements!



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    Mar 2009
    Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

    The Gold Coast

    I would have to say on the Gold Coast there are a number of issues facing this area are:

    I would have to say at the moment it is lack of infrastructure. So many road works, everywhere. It is as if the Olympics are coming.

    1. The Ageing Population
    This is not endemic to the Gold Coast This is happening throughout Australia. Good to see some Government wisdom on the account of the baby bonuses. This also means a greater shift will work towards trades and services instead of tertiary education. Might be worth getting a trade if you know what I mean
    Bar Graph

    2. Population Growth
    The Gold Coast has the highest rate of interstate migration of any Australian City. Keep in mind, many are retirees looking for their ideal lifestyle, sea-change. Were do we put these people and protect our natural capital. Will we see a shift to tree-change? Coastal migration offers opportunities and an idyllic lifestyle for young independents, young families and couples

    They say under the Gold Coast Planning Scheme land size allotments they can fit up-to 750,000 without sprawling into the hinterland. They Expect 1.1 Million here if trends continue by 2050. Should we fix this now or soon and cap the population?

    3. Flooding & Cyclones
    Wavebreak Island has been engineered to protect the mainland and is good for a 1 in 100 year cyclone. However, Most of the affluent community live in canal estates that were built on a natural flood plain. We have seen Cyclone Wati take a big chunk of the coastline. I also think the Gold Coast is prepared for a minor sea level rise and this is reflected in the Gold Coast Planning Scheme stipulations. But the thing is with climate change we do not know how much. Along with perched ice melting and thermal expansion of our oceans, no one really knows

    I do believe through beach nourishment the coastline is protected. The GCCC is well prepared for climate change and the Spit being stabilised has been a major engineering feat.

    4. The Local Economy
    Most of the Gold Coast is dependant on tourism. I ridiculous amount of tourists come here each year, which is good to see. However, is this sustainable?. We are already seeing lower figures with each passing year for the last 5 years. They blame terrorism, I blame over commercialism.

    With the global economic downturn, boating (e.g Riviera, They turned me down when I applied for a Cabinetmaking position, oh well their loss ) which is another major Gold Coast contributor. South Stradbroke Island has reportedly worth $20 million just in surfing each year, according to one senior lecturer here at Griffith University.

    Anyways, Enough of my rant



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