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Thread: Illustrated zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations

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    Illustrated zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations

    Do y'all know of any zoning ordinance/subdivision regulations that did a good job of using illustrations? If so, could you provide the website they are on?
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    Jun 2003
    De Noc
    From Indiana there is
    Porter County: http://www.porterco.org/udo.html
    City of Noblesville: http://www.cityofnoblesville.org/ego...2311937181.htm
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    Feb 2007
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    From California:
    City of Arcata: http://www.cityofarcata.org/index.ph...391&Itemid=408

    I found it really easy to use, especially since i am assisting in processing a project there.
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    Mar 2009
    Cairns,Queensland, Australia
    Try this Queensland Australian site - we have recently revamped our town plan and included multi storey building set back and hights using diagrams plus diagrams for heriaatge builidngs and apartment buildings

    see www.cairns.qld.gov.au

    look for the Town Plan under CairnsPlan

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