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The Stimulus Bill has passed, and the NTIA is now tasked with disbursing over $4.7 Billion in funds -- the NTIA is small, and not equipped to handle this right now, and will need to partner wth another agency (like EDA maybe, or Rural Development) or grow their own administration to get the funds invested. The Bill stipulated a short deadline for the NTIA to spend the funds (2 years) -- and the clock's ticking.

The funds are to increase connectivity, and are targetted to help community services and institutions...AND each state is promised at least one project approval each..

There's not much information out yet, as the NTIA is still holding Ex Parte meetings to try and get moving...they have a grant program to design, applications to evaluate and a whole administration/auditing process to get off the ground.

The important thing is for communities to get moving and begin developing some proposals, even though key terms and restrictions on the funding have yet to be fully established. I've tried to blog about key peices of information and links at my website, and my blog here in Cyburbia.