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Thread: USA Today article - Roosevelt, NJ

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    USA Today article - Roosevelt, NJ


    Rules to live by

    How did a planned community where almost nothing went as planned eventually succeed?

    In interviews, historians, planners and residents original settlers and later arrivals agreed on several explanations that are pertinent today as Americans again refocus the American dream. Phrased as rules, they include:

    Make a plan to connect people
    Take a risk nothing fazed them. They were adventurers
    Keep the faith
    Stick together When we needed something, we turned to each other
    Give thanks

    The entire town is on the National Register of Historic Places although some of the original Modernist-style cinderblock houses have been modified with pitched roofs, second floors and artificial siding.
    Has anyone hear of, study or visit it ?
    Any of the lessons discussed in the article applicable ?

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    "How did a planned community where almost nothing went as planned eventually succeed?"

    Refer to this paragraph (my bolding):
    Like many municipalities, Roosevelt... has put in a request for some federal stimulus money: $540,000 to paint and shore up its 75-year-old water tower, and $1.3 million to reline the water pipes. With a population of about 950, that would come to about $2,000 per resident.
    At that cost per resident, I respectfully disagree that Roosevelt, NJ is a success story in planning.

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