Since ISTEA transportation funding has been used for 'Transportation Enhancements'. One such enhancement could be the development of streetscapes. A streetscape could contain some elements to improve transportation (bike racks, bus shelters) but in most cases there are simply to make what currently exists prettier. In my travels I have seen scores of streetscapes which are not drawing any additional pedestrian activity. I only know of one where it has helped both pedestrians and community development, and that is Detroit's Campus Martius. Often times the city or DDA builds the streetscape and does nothing else to help attract business to the area. The area may be void of pedestrian activity for a very good reason, and one cant expect a new streetscape to be the sole answer to a business district's problems.

Knowing that transportation infrastructure is underfunded (bridge collapses in MN), should these projects be funded with transportation dollars, or would community development funds be more appropriate?