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Thread: Comprehensive plans: parcel specific designation vs. broader character?

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    Feb 2002

    Comprehensive plans: parcel specific designation vs. broader character?

    struggling with issue of whether the comprehnsive plan is more valuable with parcel specific land use designations with more numerous catagories or as a simple character of development future vision ie urban suburban rural.

    Issue is our current plan is not much different from a the zoning map--different colors everywhere on a parcel by parcel basis, minimal policy text to go along with it.

    Hope is to use more policy direction as to location, form, density, and design.

    Development community concerned over perceived loss of entitlement if colors go away (ie red on this corner for commercial, yellow here, brown there.

    Essentially we seem to have a euclidean comprehensive plan.

    Is there a better way?

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    Jan 2009
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    ours is not that bad on the mix of colors. We have broad categories for different levels of residential use plus a commercial and mixed use category. Since we have land use issues out here, we couldn't change the land uses on the map. What we did (this may work for you) is to broaden the definition of each category. A low-density residential land use is expected to have some neighborhood level commercial. Higher density is expected to have apartments/condos and urban commercial uses. It's not a solid fix, but it's the best we could do. I tend to prefer the broad plan with good policy direction on zoning types. It doesn't take from the development community because their zoning is still allowed.

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