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Thread: Urban form/design and sustainable transport

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    Aug 2008

    Urban form/design and sustainable transport

    Hi ladies & gentlemen,

    Can anyone recommend any authors on the topic of designing for sustainability?

    Also interested in any research papers investigating the link between urban form and travel behaviour.

    Furthermore, regeneration and sustainable travel.

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    Cyburbian permaplanjuneau's avatar
    Jul 2004
    Juneau, AK
    Sustainable Community Development Code: http://www.law.du.edu/index.php/rmlu...velopment-code

    Victoria Transport Policy Institute TDM Encyclopedia: http://www.vtpi.org/tdm/tdm12.htm

    APA PAS Report 546/547: The Transportation/Land Use Connection, Terry Moore and Paul Thorsnes, with Bruce Appleyard

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    Jan 2008
    Tallahassee, FL
    Google the Transit Cooperative Research Program of the Transportation Research Board and look for publications. Three I know of may be of interest - "Transit Oriented Development (Report 95;Understanding How Individuals mape Travel and Locational Decisions (Report 123) and Effects of TOD on Housing, Parking and Travel (Report 128). There may well be many more. Most of these reports can be downloaded from the web. Of course they all represent US conditions which are far more Auto centered than you have in Scotland.

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    I was at the Tennessee Greenways and Trails Forum this weekend and asked Dan Burden what books we should be reading. He directed me to a reading list on walkable.org. He actually recommended reading A Pattern Language specifically. He then said that if you were to read, then travel to Europe and reread a section each day you were there. Then photograph what you read about in your section that day. Mr. Burden said that would give anyone a huge leg up.

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