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Thread: Entry-level urban planning jobs in New Haven: Where to look?

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    Apr 2009
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    Entry-level urban planning jobs in New Haven: Where to look?

    Does anyone know where aspiring urban planners look for entry-level jobs? I am currently a grad student at Southern Connecticut State and am trying to finally get some relevant experience under my belt. I was wondering if there was some special resource where I could look. The usual suspects (HotJobs, SimplyHired, CareerBuilder, etc.) are not very helpful--their New Haven listings consist largely of scams. APA and Planetizen each list only a few dozen jobs nationwide, with even fewer in Connecticut. Is the situation really that bleak, or am I simply looking in the wrong place? I am interested in paid internships too, but these are no easier to find. Can anyone suggest a place to look for this type of experience?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Feb 2004
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    Individual states generally have APA chapters. That may be a start. Your school probably is aware of openings as well, check with them to begin with.

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    Yeah, it's really that bleak.

    What you can do, with a bit of legwork: bookmark the job listing pages of all the municipality, county and intergovernmental planning agency (MPO, etc) Web sites in the New Haven area. Every day, visit all of the sites. (It's a lot easier to do in Firefox, with all the bookmarks in one folder; just "Open All In Tabs".)

    Such a routine was part of my job search in the Cleveland area. It didn't land me anything, but the Cleveland area is one of the worst parts of the country to find a planning job due to the lack of municipal planning agencies. Hopefully it's different in Connecticut.

    FWIW. the APA CT chapter: http://www.ccapa.org/member_services/employment.htm
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