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Thread: MURP programs- design v. policy

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    MURP programs- design v. policy

    I've been working in both transportation policy and planning. I've been debating between an MPP/MPA and an MURP grad program for a while, and recently started leaning toward the planning programs. I'm particularly interested in those with more of a policy emphasis than design. Does anyone have advice on which programs fit that description? It seems that Harvard is more focused on design, but I'm not sure about others. I also know they have the option for the MPP/MUP. Any advice would be helpful.


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    Jul 2008
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    You're not very clear here about your goal. Is your goal to stick with transportation planning/policy? The question is if you already have a planning job, why get a planning degree? An MPA is much more useful to move up into management. MPP isn't quite as useful, it's more of an academic degree. If you want to know more about transportation, an M.S. in Transportation might be more useful.

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    I am late to this game but I'd recommend an MPP for transportation planning. But the important thing is to be able to learn about transportation in the particular program.

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