Hi everyone,

I am currently considering taking advantage of the E3 Visa available to Australian Nationals, and relocating to the USA - preferably the west coast.

As way of background, I am <25 y.o. female with 4 years FTE experience in Statutory and Strategic/Local Land Use Planning. I have a Bachelors and Masters in URP and am looking to complete a Grad Dip in Project Management this year. All my experience has been within the Queensland system and I have worked in both the private sector and Local Government.

From my research of US planning systems thus far (on and off over several years) it seems to be a fair bit different to the Queensland system that I am used to.

It would be at least 1 year before I start seriously looking at a move, and I thought this would be a good timeframe to really get to understand the US planning systems. I'm sure there's at least one thread on here asking the same question as me - what are the fundaments of US planning (specifically state of California) and what should I know? But, I just thought I'd throw it out there anyway. Specifically, any useful books and legislation would be good. Also - any online courses by the APA that you can recommend.

Additionally, what is your opinion on the likelihood of attaining employment, given my experience and education? Is APA membership highly valued and preferred?

I'm considering making the move for both personal and professional reasons, and will not do it unless I can be a productive member of a team and also develop professionally. Therefore, it is useful, I think, to really understand the system as best as possible prior to looking for jobs.

I think that's about it. Thanks in advance for your assistance.