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Thread: Oklahoma City Bombing-14 years later

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    Oklahoma City Bombing-14 years later

    Sunday saw the 14th anniversery of the Oklahoma City bombing. Since most of us are government employees, what are you thoughts. For me, it showed that public service can have a steep price tag. It was also one of the end of the innocence moments. The people who died there were people like me, average government employees who never thought that when they left for work that day, they wouldn't be coming back.
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    Cyburbian rcgplanner's avatar
    Aug 2007
    Back in SE Texas
    In my opinion, the OKC bombing was the first time for many that the "heartland" felt vulnerable. Before then terrorism was only seen overseas or in New York (WTC 1993).

    The OKC Memorial is an amazing recounitng of the events of April 19, 1995. A very touching yet heart-wrenching site to visit.

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    Sep 2007
    Columbia, SC
    I was working for the DoD at the time. It really made me think about our vulnerability to some nut jobs who hated the gov. I wasn't in love with the job either. When my boss's son committed suicide, i decide life was too short to do something you hated, and just up and quit.

    I can tell you, the two weeks after OKC were quite dismal on government facilities.
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    May 2005
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    I remember, as an 8-year old, watching the coverage of this event all afternoon. It was really disturbing. In my opinion, this truly was the end of innocence as Whose Yur Planner suggested. Before then, I don't think anyone imagined a terrorist act with such a high death toll like that happening in America, especially in a town like OKC. 9/11 kind of solidified that, but OKC really was the initial wake-up call.
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    Jul 2006
    Good grief...how could that be 14 years ago? I remember exactly where I was when I heard about it. I was a grad student at Kansas State at the time. The bombers planned and rented their van from a business about 20 miles west of Manhattan, KS (home of K-State). OKC was not far away...it felt like this happened up the street. I think I've posted in other thread that my Dad knew Terry Nichols.

    Beyond being completely surreal - I think it opened my eyes to groups like the Michigan Militia who have a complete distrust of government. I had no idea these groups existed and no idea that they would organize this kind of against innocent people. I remember watching it on TV and watching the firemen pull limp toddlers from the scene.

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    Aug 2002
    I remember where I was when it happened, too. (14 years ago?!? ) At the time I worked for a consulting firm that did a lot of HUD-related work. The folks in our local HUD office had colleagues based at the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, and they were pretty shook up. It was so unreal.

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    I'm not even vaguely surprised none of you haven't considered the War of 1812.

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    Dec 2005
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    I was 21 and it taught me that weirdos come from all different places and the worst ones are probably home grown. Much of the building standards that are in place now for new public structures are because of OKC.
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    Aug 2005
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    I had to go down to (what was at the time) the main federal building in downtown Atlanta the morning after the OKC bombing (I was working my way through grad school as a law firm courier). Barricades had been put in place all around the building over night, and they were in the process of removing all of the parking meters from the streets adjacent to the building. There was also a line of five or six tow trucks down one of the side streets - as soon as some oblivious moron would park where one of the meters used to be and walk into the building, one of the tow trucks would pull up and tow away the offending vehicle.
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    Jul 2003
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    Apr 2006
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    I was at the memorial on the anniversary. They held a service at 9:02 am. It sent chills down my spin when I was going through the museum and I saw what was going on during the time I was there.

    The part of the tragedy that I have the hardest time grasping is that is was an act of domestic terrorism by a group of military veterans...people that took an oath to defend the country against all invades both foreign and domestic... became that invader.

    Several years ago I was talking with an old fraternity brother who was an EOD officer in the Air Force and he told me that if McVeigh and company actually knew what they were doing that it would have leveled the Murrow Building and the surrounding buildings as well. Less than half of the material actually detonated.
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