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Thread: Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones (TIRZ)

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    Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones (TIRZ)

    Does anyone have experience with TIRZ's? I am the case manager of a proposed development that is going to go this route. This is the first development that has opted into our newly adopted SmartCode. It is roughly 71 acres on an undeveloped greenfield site but within the city limits, and will incorporate every transect zone except T2. We had a design workshop with the developer and his architect and it's really going to be a great project. They are in the process of re-zoning right now.

    I'm somewhat familiar with TIFs, but I get the impression that TIRZs are a different story. Any information about the TIRZ process or any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    email San Marcos about the one they did for Blanco Vista. It was an inappropriate location for a TIRZ, IMHO, but the structure of it is really good. Basically, the developer assumes the risk and issues bonds, rather than the city, with the increment going to repay those bonds. It keeps developers from using overly aggressive growth estimates for greenfield projects.

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