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Thread: How active is your state APA chapter?

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    Jun 2005
    NYC area

    How active is your state APA chapter?

    I'm curious. For those of you who are involved in your state or metro area APA chapter, I've got a few questions.
    • How active are you in the chapter?
    • What types of regularly scheduled events does the chapter hold?
    • Is there a chapter newsletter? If so, how often is it published?
    • Are there any activities or events focused on career development (i.e. stuff for planning directors, young planners, etc)

    I ask because when it comes to the above, my chapter is lacking, with the exception of a biennial conference and a Young Planners Group that is just getting off the ground. I've been perusing Massachusetts APA's website and they have way more going on than we do despite the fact that they are much smaller. I'm actually wondering if my chapter's size works against it; the metro area may simply be too large for a single chapter to function effectively. I'm also a member of Planners Network and oddly enough, the local chapter of this organization is equally dead in the water. Now, I'm active in both of these but am just one guy with limited time and resources here, so any thoughts on how I could galvanize people into action would be great.

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    Aug 2007
    Back in SE Texas
    The IN-APA chapter is fairly active.
    • A quarterly newsletter via e-mail
    • Two Conferences a year (A one-day Spring Professional Development, and a three-day conference every other fall (OKI is the other fall)
    • A budding Young Planner's Group
    • A very active statewide listserv
    • Joint educational opportunities (ULI, AIA, etc.)

    I am volunteering for the awards committee this year. I figure it's a good way to dip my toe in being more than just a member.

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    Feb 2007
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    CA Chapter is broken up to various sections:
    • Northern Section (Bay Area and north coast)
    • Sacramento Section (Everything in no. cal but the bay area, north coast)
    • Central Section (the central valley)
    • Central Coast (everything on the coast between the bay area and LA)
    • LA Section
    • Orange Section
    • San Diego Section
    • Inland Empire (desert area) Section

    The state chapter sponsors an annual conference, a monthly newsletter, legislation updates and co-sponsors events with sections, but really the sections control a lot of the activities here and they vary.

    Some sections like the Northern, Central Coast Orange, and San Diego sections are very active sponsoring various AICP training sessions, lecture series, AICP CM credit opportunities, quarterly/monthly newsletters and various socials. The Sacramento, Central and LA sections are pretty much dead in terms of supporting its members, although the central section has been active lately teaming up with a non-profit (the Great Valley Center) and doing a monthly "Valley Futures Forum" to discuss regional topics that have AICP CM credit opportunities.
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    Aug 2006
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    Now that I'm in Maryland, I don't feel that the chapter is very active. Of course, this could be that I've asked to join their listserv three times and never heard anything back from them, and they haven't put out a newsletter since Fall '08.

    In Florida, though, the Sun Coast section of FAPA was very active, and I felt that the other sections throughout the state (Florida has 12) were generally active as well.

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