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Thread: Where does Sci-fi and future technology come together?

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    Apr 2003
    Somewhere between the mountains and the ocean.

    Where does Sci-fi and future technology come together?

    In RTDNTOTO, we talked about trek-tech and how it has inspired real life technology. We now have doors that open, voice recognition software, and cell phones. Imagine a day when there are junk yards for space ships, we have android helpers, and other species are looked at as someone with a different planetary ancestry than you.

    Is this the wave of the future? Scientists recently said that warp speed that we see in star trek and star wars might actually be possible.

    If you look at technology from 20 years ago, many of the things that we have today would have seemed like a futuristic pipedream… but we have blackberries, I-pods, and sunglasses that allow us to watch TV.

    What Sci-fi tech ideas do you think will become reality? Do you think in 200 years, we will interact with aliens and fly around in space ships? Will Earth or humanity even exist?
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    Jul 2003
    Cyburbias Brewpub, best seat in the haus!

    Mega-Cities with populations from 70k to 1million.

    Built in Dubai or Japan first, because were to whimpy.

    Stacked, walkable, pleasant.

    A unit could be a minimum of 2,500 sqf. (25 x 100 ?) Other than the bathroom and small food prep area, all space would be customizable.

    A small (10 x 25) patio fronting onto the main hall to watch pedestrian traffic move by, fully handicap accessible.

    A row of units on each side, the patio area, and then a 10' corridor area.

    Customizable doors to break the menotony.

    Walls of Vid Coating, or Floor to Wall, plastic flexible LCD/LED screens so you can customize your walls from your computer with a combination Photoshop & Google sketchup. Your unit could look normal for your workmates, and as fantastic/weird/fun/freaky as you want to get at other times. Feeling a little closed in? You could sleep under the stars or have the appearance of sleeping in an open mountain valley.

    Most of us eat out to dinner more often than not anyway, so your residential unit will come with a food plan that eliminates the need for a giant kitchen. Instead, your meals are to order by one of the many restaurants operated to fit the archology residents tastes.

    Excercise facilities could operate the same way as restaurants.

    Facilities for professional sports/entertainment venues built in on appropriate levels.

    No yards to mow, climate controlled. Socially designed to get people to have to interact with one another.
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    May 2003
    Northwestern Ohio

    Living On The Fault Line

    My first thought was to respond by attaching the cover art from The Doobie Brothers album Living On The Fault Line. The illustration shows the Transamerica Pyramid in 'Frisco almost completely submerged, and positioned next to a taller mountain.

    Not legal to grab that cover, so here's a written response.....

    It seems that technology is expanding at a near-exponential rate so what we would consider "impossibilities" (even today, even after all the advances we have witnessed) will become "possibilities". In 200 years we will probably have come into some sort of contact with beings from another place, another planet.

    My same-old theory that I have believed since I was a teen.....

    The universe is endless. The number of inhabited places is endless. Because of the endless physical size (with no corner, no box, no wall) the space and time between inhabited places is (alas) also endlessly variable.

    With apologies to Albert Gore.....strongly believe we will meet the challenges of pollution, over-population, yadda. Yeah, meeting challenges usually involves some pain. So be it.

    Now....go in peace.

    Occupy Cyburbia!

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