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Thread: Civil engineering for potential planners?

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    May 2009
    New City

    Civil engineering for potential planners?

    I am about to start my masters degree at SUNY Albany hopefully to specialize in Land Use/Environmental Planning. The program offers an opportunity to take courses at a nearby college offering Civil Engineering courses... Any advice or recommendations for choosing a class in this field that may supplement my area of study?

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    Mar 2004
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    Any civil plan set design class they might have would be a good choice.
    The civil basics of drainage and conveyance.....
    and then there would be the classic classes:

    A class on how to ignore staff and do what you want anyway? So prevalent in Civil Engieering they must be offering courses at the college level

    I'm sure it's a companion class to:

    How to manipulate politicians and obtain the civil engineering solution your client needs to save a ton of money at the expense of the publics safety and welfare
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    An introductory course in environmental engineering really helped me. It was the basics of sewerage and septic systems, pest control, health issues, yada, yada. Learned a few phrases so that civils would not look down their noses at me.

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